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Shipping Today & Yesterday is a specialist magazine for the shipping enthusiast, offers up-to-date information, topical and in-depth historical articles. Shipping T & Y covers many aspects of sea transport, including ocean liners, ferries, warships, merchant ships and docks & ports around the world.

Shipping T&Y has a strong and loyal following throughout the UK and abroad. The Magazine is produced monthly, thereby allowing for an-to-date “News Round-up”, world-wide, and topical features & photographs. The subscriber list is well established throughout the UK and abroad, with a growing distribution of 15,000. It can be purchased at many major outlets throughout the UK.

Shipping T&Y is full of quality photographs, both in colour and black & white, ideal for the serious collector. There are also book and video reviews. Shipping T&Y is read by active and retired naval personnel, line & ferry companies, port operators, shipping enthusiasts and collectors of shipping memorabilia. 

Circulation Data 
Current Circulation: 16,000 copies, of which 81% is UK and 19% overseas. Shipping T&Y goes to all areas of the UK and British Isles, including the Channel Islands.


To advertise please call Simon Briant on 01273 594455 Mob: 07787 115465
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Specifications and Mechanical Data


Main Magazine

wide x deep mm



Price Mono

Outside Back

Type area

185 x 275



Inside front/back

Type area

185 x 275



Full Page

Bleed area

216 x 306




Trim area

210 x 297




Type area

185 x 275



Half Page


185 x 130




Vertical *

90 x 275



Quarter Page


90 x 130




Horizontal *

185 x 60



Eighth Page


90 x 60



Web Directory

Not applicable

90 x 20



* Alternate option – please inform us if you wish to supply in this orientation.

Completed copy to be supplied as:

  •  Digital PDF files, Quark Express files, EPS files on CD, zip disk, via email or ISDN.
  •  Files must contain all images in high resolution (300dpi), CMYK format and have all fonts embedded at postscript stage.
  •  Proofs supplied must be from the PDF digital file submitted. If final version proof is not supplied,   then no responsibility can be accepted for incorrect imaging.
  •  Any files supplied using MSWord should be supplied in electronic format (email/disk) along with hard copy (fax is sufficient) and all images supplied separately in high-resolution. As MSWord is a word processing program, fonts and style used may vary when converted to Quark Xpress. In this instance a proof will be supplied.
  •  We no longer accept film.
  •  Copy date eight weeks before publication.

To advertise please call Simon Briant on 01273 594455 Mob: 07787 115465
or email:

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